INQUEST, risk management consulting firm

Specialist in cyber and fire risks

Benefit from a multidisciplinary, experienced team with three key principles: responsiveness, technical expertise and pragmatism.

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Our business sectors

Cyber security

Support SMEs/businesses, from the prevention to the resolution of cyber security incidents.

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Fire / Explosion

Build on feedback to prevent, manage and investigate losses relating to fires and explosions.

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Tools tailored to the complexity of the loss

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With a team of financial consultants, INQUEST has been supporting and advising its customers in financial risk management for 20 years. Its mission is to help companies to better understand crisis situations (amicable and judicial litigation, fraud...) but also to adopt an effective strategy that meets the stakes.

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Who are we?

As a risk management consultancy firm and subsidiary of the Stelliant Group, INQUEST is involved in the entire risk chain, working for businesses of all sizes, and in all business areas. Our consultants, experts and analysts provide risk assessment and prevention, audit, training, crisis management, personalised support or feedback services. INQUEST provides bespoke cyber security and fire hazard services and solutions in France and abroad.


How can augmented reality prevent fires?

Fire & Explosion

Augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology that blends virtual images with our real world, creating an immersive experience. As a tool of the future, it will help better manage emergency…


A serious bodily injury with a retractable ladder leading to the attic

Investigations - After an accident on a retractable staircase, the civil liability insurer tries to determine the responsibilities and commissions our laboratory.


Document shredder causes bodily burns

Investigations - Following an incident involving a document shredder, the INQUEST laboratory was asked to investigate.